OMFG! It's Jack And Dean Confessions

Have these guys taken over your life as much as they've taken over mine? Here's the place to say what you really think of these groovy people
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As you all know, with September comes school/college/uni/etc. So far, I’ve been able to keep up with this blog, but once my classes start, I won’t have much time for OMFGItsJackAndDeanConfessions… :( That being said, here’s essentially what will happen until Christmas:

I will get to this blog on weekends and make the confessions then. You can send in confessions whenever you like though because I might have time during the week to get on Tumblr and just read through them. Don’t worry if your confession doesn’t show up right away because I’ll be setting up a queue through the week with the confessions I receive (maybe a confession a day or something).  

Again, thank you all so much for following and supporting this blog. You guys are awesome. I might be doing a giveaway close to December ;)

In the words of Jack and Dean, Stay Groovy!

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  • We will never reveal your url, but we included the option to submit anonymously if you so wish.
  • If we believe your confession is hurtful or things like that, then we will not post it. 
  • You can submit a confession that includes someone/something else.
  • If we’ve used your photo, let us know so we can credit you.