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*edit* it’s meant say “it’s genuinely a well-made video”
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"Usually with my favorite YouTubers, it can be pretty easy to pick a favorite out of a duo. As hard as I’ve tried with Jack and Dean, it’s utterly impossible. They both work so well together, yet they’ve got their opposing qualities as well. I can’t imagine picking one over the other and I hope they keep making videos together for years to come!” Posted 1 month ago148 notesreblog
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'They deserve at least a million subs. They are so genuine and make you happy on bad days' Posted 1 month ago33 notesreblog
"I feel like Dean never gets the credit he deserves. He’s so talented and seems like a genuine guy, yet people seem to just ignore him and focus on Jack’  Posted 1 month ago20 notesreblog
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With the upcoming new video…..

I figured it was about time we got these confessions back on track

So as always, send your anonymous (or not) confessions about Jack, Dean or both to this blog and we’ll take them, make them snazzy and re-post them 

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Thursday, June 5th