So, I guess Tumblr’s being kind of a butt right now because there were messages in the inbox and I was not informed. To those who sent this blog asks, I am sooooo sorry for not answering them. I’ll make sure to double check next time.

I also do not have internet at my house, so I apology for any further delays as well.

Thanks for your patience and stay Groovy everyone! 

~Co-Blogger A

Wednesday, August 13th
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*edit* it’s meant say “it’s genuinely a well-made video”
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"Usually with my favorite YouTubers, it can be pretty easy to pick a favorite out of a duo. As hard as I’ve tried with Jack and Dean, it’s utterly impossible. They both work so well together, yet they’ve got their opposing qualities as well. I can’t imagine picking one over the other and I hope they keep making videos together for years to come!” Posted 3 months ago154 notesreblog
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'They deserve at least a million subs. They are so genuine and make you happy on bad days' Posted 3 months ago35 notesreblog
"I feel like Dean never gets the credit he deserves. He’s so talented and seems like a genuine guy, yet people seem to just ignore him and focus on Jack’  Posted 3 months ago20 notesreblog
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