OMFG! It's Jack And Dean Confessions

Have these guys taken over your life as much as they've taken over mine? Here's the place to say what you really think of these groovy people
General Info

Hello everyone! Co-Blogger A here! I hope you guys are doing well. This blog has been quiet for quite some months now. 

I’m making this post in regards to handing off this blog to someone else. You see, when I first made this blog, I thought I’d have the time and energy to dedicate myself to it and continue on with making confessions as they came, but lately, life has stacked up, other things have changed, and I’m just not able to run this blog like I used to. 

With that being said, I would like to give this blog to someone else who’ll be able to take much better care of it than I have. It hasn’t received any confessions as of late, but I’d rather it be in someone else’s hands than my own. All you need to do is send me a message and if I get more than one person, maybe all of you can be mods and run this blog together!! :)

It’s been one heck of a ride, OMFG fandom. I’m sorry to leave you on this note, but I hope you guys keep going and making great stuff.

In the words of Jack and Dean, stay groovy!!

Anonymous sent: may i ask, what video was this from? c: /post/57938877598 ty

Oh goodness, I had to take a moment and think about which video this was haha

It is from Finishing “Support” on Dean’s Harmless things channel (adeanaday) :)

Anonymous sent: How old are they now and how old were they when they started videos together?

Dean’s 22 now and Jack will be 22 early February 

I think they were about 15/16 when they started making videos together on another channel called CountryKyleRocks after Jack heard about Dean’s video project/idea/thing and wanted to get involved in it…


Anonymous sent: How old is Jack? I cant seem to figure it out.

Hi anon!! I wasn’t sure if this was just a general question or a confession (;^_^) but Jack is 21. His birthday is coming up in the next month though!! Hope this helps :)

Anonymous sent: Hi! Just wondering what was the video was where Dean said 'he's my best friend and I love him'? I think it was at sitc?

Um…I’m not exactly sure? Maybe someone else can help, but I thought it was just something Dean had said in an ask or tweet. 

Unless my memory is completely failing me…I’m sorry I can’t be of more help, anon :/

(P.S. if my co-blogger or someone else knows the exact answer, I’ll be sure to post it either in this ask or in another post)

Anonymous sent: I'm so confused are jack and dean a couple or not? like when have they said anything about it because in their videos it seems pretty obvious that they're dating

Sorry about the late reply, Anon. My co-blogger and I weren’t sure if this was just a general question or an actual confession. We can certainly make it into a confession if that’s what you’d prefer :) (in which case, this answer would be removed and replaced)

BUT if it is a question that you just need to have answered:

Jack and Dean are not a couple. They’re just best friends who have no qualms with being extra close to the point of confusion for us fans ^^

So…whether they seem closer than usual just because of their friendship (a.k.a. one of the best friendships in the world true fact) or for a sketch it’s just them being Jack & Dean and not a couple…if that makes sense :)

xxxjulialy sent: Omg I love your blog so much<3 do you have an instagram account? You should have one if your dont:)

Aw, thank you! I’m so glad you like it :) We don’t have an instagram account and I don’t think we ever considered it, but I’ll discuss it with my co-blogger :)